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PC Internet age, web site SEO is a network marketing practitioner must do the work, after all, most of the traffic comes from Baidu. However, because of a variety of reasons, nowadays, there are fewer and fewer friends to do SEO optimization.

The reason why SEO is optimized by enterprise network marketing is not to be explained here. The theory of SEO's obsolescence and the theory of death have been said many times. In particular, the less stable SEO optimization effect is said to be unreliable.

OK, now the problem is here: SEO optimization is not playing? How do enterprise SEO optimization play?

First put a point of view: there is a search on the SEO, the current mature Baidu SEO, Taobao SEO, micro-blog SEO, the recent momentum of the WeChat SEO.

Always mention a problem, whether it is SEO, or new media or even the whole network marketing is why people sing down, most of the three reasons:

One, I didn't play well. These people are so many that they can't play well, they can't reach the desired goal through SEO, and then say that SEO can't do it at all.
Two, I didn't do it. Parrot is the most popular love do. I didn't do it, didn't you see anyone say it couldn't do it? Didn't you see the big coffee in the industry saying that it was out of date?
Three, play well and make money secretly. There's not much to say about this. After all, the less money you know, the better it is. Who makes money through an industry and says?

In fact, SEO optimizes or can play, but who is going to play. Of course, there are a lot of benefits to SEO, and it doesn't mean that people really know what they really do.
So how to optimize the enterprise SEO playing? Not wise think there is a problem needs to be determined, otherwise there is nothing.
Why is the enterprise SEO optimizes to play bad? The reasons are as follows:
1, the boss just wants to get the result quickly: ranking, weight, collection, traffic volume, and finally fail to meet the requirements, either bidding or offline promotion.
2, the boss does not understand the blind command: you should do this, the peers do a good job. From time to time to participate in the conference to learn the essence, come back to the blind command more.
3, the optimization of investment is insufficient: time, manpower, capital, resources and other problems are insufficient. Anyway, you want to get a quick effect without spending money.
4, SEO practitioners, lack of ability: halfway decent system flow, questioning their operation,,,
5, SEO optimization is very simple: is not the station outside the station, is not the content + outer chain?

Of course, what's the matter of SEO optimization? What steps do SEO optimization need to do? This is the basic knowledge, and can be directly visited by Baidu and other platforms with interest.

Finally, talk about the core of SEO. There are several small points of view that we can refer to:
1, SEO system thinking is more important than skill. Do not blindly study technology, the recruitment is so much, do fine.
2, original content, original content, original content. The important thing to say three times, and the other.
3, the user's pain point needs to solve the customer problem. Whether it is our website, our content, what to express, whether it is the most concern of the user, can we solve the problem?
4, look at the official voice. Whether it is to do SEO optimization, or do network marketing, or do business operation, the most official voice at the least look.

Of course, for most enterprises, how to be effective is always the first, and how the long-term development is the second place. Perhaps SEO is slowly being brought up by less and less businesses. Of course, for a long time to do network marketing enterprises, perhaps the above content is worth looking at.


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