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How to quickly solve the problem of page loading speed in a web siteNow the Internet era, I believe that most users are open computer cannot do without web browsing, during the browsing, you are sure to be found, but not all of the web pages can be opened and can quickly browse, especially rich in content and high value of the site, but the loading speed very slow next, the experience effect is greatly reduced, that want to see, but can not see the pain, will imperceptibly appear anxious mood, now, you will not hesitate to give a bad review?

In order to avoid this unnecessary phenomenon, you can pay attention to the loading speed and influence factors of web page when you are building website, and minimize the interference of these factors, which will greatly improve the website's speed. Beijing website construction company still has a few tricks Huizhi a simple and effective method, can help you.

1, optimize the code for the construction of the website. As browsing the website must read one of the documents, must pay attention to the optimization of it, the so-called code optimization, including Beijing construction site in the JS script and CSS style files and so on, should be based on the minimum resources occupied for the principle of the code will be reduced as far as possible, can be adjusted by merging the repeated write, save the limited space for the website files and resources.
2, to compress the picture file. Usually, the content of multimedia website occupies larger space of the page. With the increase of multimedia content, if we do not have optimized processing, the resources that will occupy will increase exponentially, which will lead to slower opening speed. For these pictures or other multimedia contents, the best format should be chosen and the size of compression can be guaranteed in the case of guaranteeing the quality of pictures. For example, the best way of storing pictures is webp, JPEG, PNG and BMP.
3, the call of the picture is unified. Website images from different cyber source, so suggest the webmaster will call all the pictures of resource integration unified file, by resolving photograph on the website, if different from the address, then you should spend more time to take this analysis one by one, it will waste a part of time, leading to the site slow.
4. Use the response design. Of course, the website construction also involves being opened in different devices, alternating method would be used to redirect some websites of different equipment on the site, but this method makes the website in the browser on the request will prolong the loading time, then, to have the equipment for the best use of the current more popular website responsiv to the station, can improve the user experience.
5. Use browsers skillfully. This point is based on the user's point of view. It doesn't exclude the fact that sometimes the number of users who open the website is too large, and the loading speed of the browsing is slowing down. If the website is worth seeing, you can try Beijing website construction -- original pioneer -- Xiaobian opinion. We need to set our browser to automatic cache, so that we can quickly get access to the browsing page or the loaded page when it is opened repeatedly, so we don't need to worry about loading slowly.
Summary: to improve the website page loading speed by reducing the resources, the choice of quality space to improve, no matter what the substance in the website open speed is to bring the user first impression, leaving a good impression, in order to increase the chance of this website is to browse, improve your user experience.


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